Board Charter and Role of Management

The Board is responsible for corporate governance of the Company. It oversees the business and affairs of the Company, establishes the strategies and financial objectives to be implemented by management and monitors standards of performance.

Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of Centrex Metals Limited (“Company”) has established an Audit and Risk Management Committee (“Committee”) comprised of the Board.

Communication with Shareholders

The Directors aim to ensure that the shareholders are informed of all information necessary to access the performance of the Company.

Continuous Disclosure Policy

The Company must continuously advise the ASX of information to keep the market informed of events and developments relating to the Company as they occur. If it does not, then there may be significant criminal and civil penalties imposed on the Company and its officers.

Director Selection and Appointment Process

Ultimately the directors are elected by the shareholders of Centrex Metals Limited. However, the Board plays an important role in the selection and recommendation of potential directors for shareholder vote.

Diversity Policy

Centrex Metals Limited (the Company) is committed to providing an inclusive workplace and recognises the value that a workforce made up of individuals with diverse skills, values, backgrounds and experiences will bring to the Company. At the core of the Company’s diversity policy is a commitment to equality and respect.

OHS&E Policy

Centex Metals Limited is committed to providing a safe workplace and sustainable exploration and operating activities in a manner that prevents impairment to the health of our employees, business partners and communities, and protects the value of the natural and social environments in which we operate.

Performance Evaluation Process

The Board has a process to review the performance of the Board, its committees and that of the individual directors and senior executives.

Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter

The Centrex Metals Limited (Company) board has established a Nomination and Remuneration Committee (Committee).

Share Hedging and Margin Loan Policy

Under the Company’s current Executive Option Plan, eligible employees are granted options in the Company, subject to meeting various performance conditions.

Share Trading Policy

This policy applies to all directors, officers, employees and contractors of the Company and the companies in the group (collectively called Directors and Employees).

Social Responsibility Policy

Centrex Metals Limited is an Australian iron ore exploration company with operations in South Australia.

Statement on Risk Factors

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Annual Corporate Governance Statement

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Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

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Whistleblower Policy

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